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you throughout the evening. live from coast guard station, san francisco, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. a bay area couple who went on the bike ride of a lifetime in south america hasn't been heard from a month. jamie neal and her boyfriend garrett hand left in november for a cycling trek across peru, chilean argentina. they are ave. vic bicyclists and he works at a bike shop in el sobrante. they had been keeping in touch with friends and family through facebook. but it's been a month since they posted anything. they were believed to be headed for lima, peru. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25th. so to me, anything could have happened since then, you know? i hope that she is just having a blast. >> jamie's coworkers at the peddle ar bike shop are setting up a fund to raise money and
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have put up flyers. a mysterious email a $1 million reward and now a person of interest in a coal case murder that's a decade old. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is live in hillsborough with the latest into the investigation of the 2004 killing of a bay area realtor. >> reporter: liz, authorities say now they do have a person of interest in that high- profile murder of realtor priscilla ing in 2004. the person of interest is behind bars in singapore for another murder p if you recall back in 2004, ing was killed in her home. police say two asian men broke into the house in the middle of the night, tied her up and her houseguest. she died of asphyxiation, her houseguest survived. a big obstacle. one of the suspects in question was arrested for a murder in singapore. hillsborough investigators had to wait until singapore authorities sentenced him. now that he is sentenced, hillsborough police have a new opportunity to get person of interest. they have also been
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corresponding by email with another person in singapore who claims to know who the killers are and claims to know details about the murder. >> we developed a correspondence through our investigators with the person providing information that information became more and more credible. we consider it to be one of more most credible leads in the case prompting us to now be able to take action on it. >> reporter: over the years police have received hundreds of leads. a $1 million reward was put up by the daughter in 2005. detectives have traveled to singapore and will return there to investigated this lead. in hillsborough, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new details in the deadly shooting and fiery crash in the las vegas strip. police say they have a warrant for the arrest of 26-year-old ammar harris a prime suspect in the shooting death of oakland rapper kenneth cherry and two
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others. investigators are also expanding their search for harris in south carolina and georgia and say he may also be hiding out in miami. now a free man, wrongly convicted ronald ross is telling kpix 5 about how he came face to face with the man he was accused of shooting. ross says at one point he was in the same holding cell with the victim he supposedly shot. even prosecutors now admit ross was never involved. he walked out of jail a free man last week after serving nearly 7 years behind bars for attempted murder. >> like a newborn baby. >> when you woke up on saturday mo? >> i pinched myself to be sure it's real. it was real. i pinched my selves three times, it's real, i'm out. >> the private investigator and the "innocence project" proved ross' innocence. the man believed to be the actual shooter is serving time for unrelated crimes. other bay area headlines,
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san francisco police arrested a man wanted for shooting an ak- 47 into a house in the western addition. officers say it started as an argument between the shooter and homeowner yesterday evening. that's when 42-year-old karim benton pulled out a fully automatic ak-47 and sprayed the house. the man inside was hurt but is going to be okay. at least one person was hurt after a car hit a power pole near lake merced this morning. it happened at the intersection of gell earth and clear feel drive. the car was towed away. the pole was down and blocked the road for a short time. in upon the reyes an oyster farm will stay open for a couple of months longer. an appeals court ruled drakes bay oyster company can operate while an appeal to the federal government will decide whether to end the lease. the farm operated for decades on federal land now set to revert to the park service. the catholic church may have a new leader sooner than expected. in a history making move, pope benedict xvi changed the law of
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conclave. it allows the college of cardinals to skip the previously required 15-day waiting period before electing his successor. >> should do it as quickly as possible. >> i'm surprised. i thought it would take longer. >> the vatican would like a new pope in place before easter week begins march 24th. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us a former bay area archbishop will help select the new holy father. len. >> reporter: exactly right, cardinal william levada is familiar to many bay area catholics having served as the archbishop of san francisco. tomorrow he embarks on a historic trip. never before has a cardinal with such strong bay area ties traveled to rome to be part of the conclave that will choose the next pope. and the cardinal said today a lot would be on his mind. >> a map of faith, a map of prayer, a person who has shown qualities of leadership.
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>> reporter: cardinal levada one of the most powerful american in the catholic church listed some of the qualities he will look for when he goes to rome to help select a new pope. >> facility in the major languages is very helpful. >> reporter: but what levada called his solemn duty may be overshadowed. the conclave of cardinals from which the new pope will be selected is happening in the middle of several church controversies, scotland's keith o'brien saying he will not participate after allegations he made unwanted sexual advances towards priests in the 1980s. and cardinal roger mahony of los angeles is under pressure to drop out amid accusations he covered up for pedophile priests when he was a bishop. levada defended his long-time friend mahony. >> he is the first one to apologize for errors in judgment he made when these issues were first coming before him as a young bishop. i believe he should be at the conclave and i'm glad to see he left and look forward to seeing him there. >> reporter: levada also said he supports the decision by
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pope benedict to keep the potentially explosive vatileaks investigation under seal with the final report on alleged vatican corruption only to be viewed by the pope and his successor. do you think that all of these controversies threaten this conclave? >> no, i don't. the swirl of controversy, we'll never be free of that, i'm sure, one way or another am but that's not going to be the dom national theme i don't think. >> reporter: cardinal levada says it's unlikely an american will be selected as pope. when i asked him if the thought crossed his mind that he might be elected. he said yes. when i asked him what he would do, that was the only time during the hour long availability that he said no comment. reporting live in moraga, len ramirez, kpix 5. come to work. the reason yahoo's ceo is ditching the work from home model for hundreds of employees. >> it's like a mom. >> gas station chaos. the cheap gas in one bay area
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town causing a traffic jam. it's like a mob. >> we have a jam of sunshine out there. mainly sunny skies again looking toward mount diablo. highs today in the low to mid- 60s. find out when we'll have 70s coming up. >> sleepless nights doing more than just giving you dark circles and groggy mornings. the new insight on how lack of sleep affects your body. right down to your genes.
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no more working from home. k-p-i-x yahoo's new ceo is yanking a key perk for hundreds. no more working from home. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo is outside yahoo's headquarters with why marissa mayer is pulling the plug on telecommuting. >> reporter: yeah. allen, here in silicon valley telecommuting really is part of the culture so news from yahoo, it's been quite a shock. jeannie worked at google before leaving last year to start her own pr company and raise her daughter kayla. now she telecommutes.
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>> i am not even interested in working part time in an office and being forced to go into the office at any regular time because this is wonderful freedom. >> reporter: but come june, yahoo employees will no longer have that option. ceo marissa mayer has told her employees, in an attempt to be the best, she wants them at the office. while yahoo won't comment on the internal memo, reports are mayer wrote to employees that some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions and that speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. anyone who doesn't make the change should quit. >> i can understand that. there's a lot of synergy that happens in an office that you can't duplicate. >> reporter: cbs news and kcbs technologist larry magid works at home. >> i work more efficiently at home. i think silicon valley lends is
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self for people to work at home, coffee shop, wherever, or at a beach as long as they sling their code or analyze their data or do their deals whether it's from an office phone or a cell phone or a laptop or tablet. i don't think it really matters. >> reporter: clearly, mayer is a driven woman. she only took two weeks maternity leave and wants like- minded employees but magid says he is disappointed. >> i would expect her to be focused on productivity and excellence rather than process. and i would really hope that she would figure out who the best employees and do whatever it takes to make them productive not worry about where they happen to be working. >> reporter: he doesn't believe this is the beginning of the end of telecommuting and he doesn't think we'll see a mass exodus from yahoo. he thinks over the long term they will modify the policy. ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> drivers trying to find cheap gas are running into chaos.
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the traffic jam one bay area gas station is causing. >> good to the last drop. just how much lotion, shampoo and other products we're leaving behind in those bottles? and the new tricks to get every last drop.
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land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? for a few more weeks... and bay area prices are still high.
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right now... in san fran the average price is 4- 25 for a gallon of regular. in oakland it relief at the pump isn't coming for weeks. right now in san francisco the average price $4.25 for a gallon. oakland $4.17, san jose $4.18. the quest to find cheap gas is creating chaos around one gas station. kpix 5 reporter john ramos reports. >> reporter: when safeway opened its new store at pleasant hill sun valley shopping center last year, they thought a discount gas station would help draw customers. they were right. boy, were they right! >> a jungle. so many cars. it's like a mall. it's already by a mall so it's even more. >> reporter: lines began forming and with discounts up to a dollar per gallon for club cardholders, it quickly put the whole parking lot into gridlock. now lanes have been closed and detours created and cars still back up almost to contra costa
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boulevard. safeway even hired an army of gas ambassadors to direct traffic. >> it's mad crazy here in the afternoons. >> reporter: the whole thing has people asking, who didn't think about this? >> you know, this is cheap gas. who is not going to come here if they get a safeway card? >> reporter: the city planners say they had their doubts when safeway first submitted building plans. were you skeptical? >> we were. we tried to get as much as we could as a city, but i think that during the process, we made some concessions and now hopefully we can correct those. >> reporter: the new plan is to reverse the flow of traffic into the station, remove the parking spaces and create a wide waiting area similar to what you see at costco gas stations. and they will have to do it quickly because a new nordstrom rack is set to open here in september. safeway will lose some of its parking. but they are probably not change too loudly. these days, how many businesses get to gripe about having too
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many customers? in pleasant hill, john ramos, kpix 5. we have made it easy for you to find the best gas prices in your neighborhood. head to for a map of the lowest prices in the bay area. when it comes to shampoo, lotion, ketchup, you're not getting your money's worth. about a quarter of your product stays in the bottle. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us how to get everything you paid for. >> reporter: the label promises healthy glowing skin. it also promises more than 20 ounces of lotion inside. but good luck pumping it out. all we could get was 17 ounces. 15% stuck in the bottle. the same percentage left behind in this moisturizer. and it turns out, that is actually pretty good. >> up to 25% could be stuck in the bottom with any pump. >> reporter: tom hayward studies packaging for personal care products. he says pump bottles are the worst offenders especially when
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they hold thick lotion. >> the viscosity will create like a vortex. >> reporter: tests show between 2 and 10% of other products get stuck in tubes, jars and squeeze bottles. >> it's annoying. >> frustrating but i have learned to work around it. >> reporter: there are many tricks to reaching the unreachable. snipping, scraping, shaking, and, of course, adding water to the remnants to use the bubbly solution. a slew of new products like this spatula and tom hayward's creation that holds your bottles upside-down to let gravity do the work. >> i use about four bottles less a year of my lotion and about three bottles less of my hair gel. >> reporter: a win-win that tom says means more usable product more money in your pocket and less in the landfill. >> reporter: here's what the my
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bottle looks like. they sell a special cap replaces the pump top so you can get all the products out of the pumps containers. others create special bottles so lotions don't stick. we may soon see a day where we all get all our product. if you have a story idea, call us at 1-888-5-helps-u. paul deanno is here and i think he is working on the '70s show aren't you? >> oh, yeah. break out the bellbottoms. the bee gees rocking and rolling. "saturday night fever." >> it's all about the '70s. apparently red today, too. red tie, yellow in the sky and the red on the outside. nothing but blue skies. south bay in san jose. you have been below normal. you're in the low 60s. should be the mid-60s mount diablo from our dublin camera concord at 62, tied with oakland and livermore. san francisco you're sitting at 55. a little bit of a sea breeze keeping you cooler, san jose
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58. santa rosa 65. now, it is still winter. i have video confirmation that it is still winter because all you have to do is go to texas for the second time in a week, more than a foot of snow fell in the panhandle of texas. so we're talking about getting to the 70s, they are just hoping to get back to 40 in and around amarillo. 19 inches of snow over the past few days. for us dry radar, high-def doppler radar showing dry conditions but with clear skies. it will be yet another chilly night 30s in fremont, concord and fairfield. napa 37. santa rosa 36. here's the setup in the atmosphere. another boundary moved through. a little cloud cover all the rainfall to the north. there's another storm moving in but it will also stay to the north. let's talk about wind direction to determine whether we see the 60s or the 70s. next couple of days, we still have a light onshore flow out of the northwest. rain stays north but we'll state in the 60s around average. now let's talk about thursday, friday and saturday. as high pressure gets closer
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and stronger we get more of an offshore wind, northeast wind. that's the key to get into the 70s and we'll get there widespread by friday which is the first day of march. and i don't see any widespread rainfall for the next week. high temperatures tomorrow low to mid-60s, livermore 63, san jose 64, sunnyvale 63, fremont 62. 63 for san ramon. fairfield 64. pittsburg 62. and antioch in the low 60s, as well. petaluma your high 63. sunshine for sausalito. and high of 60. look at these temperatures for the final day of february. first day of march right around 70. saturday will stay around 70 a little cooler on sunday and the top of next week we stay mainly dry that is your kpix 5 forecast. we'll be right back.
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what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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wake up call about sleep deprivation. sleeping fewer than six hours a night - even for as little as a week - you c
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it's a startling wake-up call about sleep deprivation. sleeping fewer than 6 hours a night even for as little as a week can change your dna. dr. kim mulvihill with the eye opening report. reporter: too little sleep can really change a person. >> tired, grouchy. >> cranky. >> it's hard to focus. >> reporter: well, a new report reveals that change may be more profound than you think. >> i'm becoming my evil twin. >> reporter: in a british study, 26 volunteers slept fewer than six hours a night for just a week. subsequent blood tests redeveloped a startling change to their dna. this short-term sleep loss disrupted the activity of more than 700 of their genes. genes critical to stress, inflammation, metabolism, your biological clock, even how we fight disease. >> it just demonstrates the need for sleep. >> reporter: this doctor is medical director at the stanford sleep medicine center. he says these new findings are a real wake-up call. >> it just underscores the
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importance for the need for a good amount of sleep during the night to try and set a regular bedtime, regularric whatting time and to maximize the amount of sleep you have during the night. >> reporter: scientists already know how too little sleep can affect how your heart functions and brain works. this new study reveals how it may also alter your genes. researchers hope it will open your eyes to closing them for at least eight hours a night. >> now that you've told me that, i'm going to try to get some more sleep today. >> reporter: now, the researchers did not study how long it took for the genes to return to their normal levels. but the doctor says it's folly to try to catch up on sleep. for every two to three days you're sleep deprived, it can take a week for you just to feel normal. >> not going to around with that. >> do the math. we need our sleep. >> now i feel better. i don't feel like the weird one if i'm still recovering from not sleeping well last night. >> i think a lot of us are recovering. >> from a lot of things. we'll be right back.
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cuts would be devastating. but will if you at 6:00 tonight we have heard how the sequester cuts would be devastating but will they really be that bad? or is it just political hype? tonight the real impact in the bay area if lawmakers doesn't come to an agreement. plus -- >> who does that 17% service charge go to? >> i would think i hope the server. >> not at one high-end bay area restaurant. but where does the money go? kpix 5 goes undercover to investigate.
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these stories and much more tonight at 6:00. thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, cutting heart attack risk 30%. evidence in a major medical study tonight shows a particular diet has a powerful effect on health. a blizzard freezes the middle of the country. tornados are expected tomorrow. a violent nascar pileup raises questions of how to protect the fans. >> we started seeing stuff fly everywhere. >> pelley: mark strassmann with one close call. and who owns the voices of those who died in the world trade center? hollywood or the families? seth doane with the controversy over "zero dark thirty." >> it's a treasure to remember. it's a treasured message.
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it's ours. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. to be honest, we were hesitant at first to begin this broadcast with yet another scientific study about what we should or should not eat. but our dr. jon lapook brought us what he says is the most definitive study yet that the so-called mediterranean diet-- including olive oil and nuts wine, and fish can prevent the leading cause of death in america: heart disease. and it does it much better than the low-fat diet can. jon has more on why we should pay attention to this study and what it found. >> reporter: today's study compared the mediterranean diet to a low-fat diet among nearly 7,500 patients at high risk for heart disease. after five years, those on the mediterranean diet had 30% fewer heart attacks, strokes, or

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